Sunday, December 7, 2008

2009 Dudley House Intersession Ski Trips

一年一度的Dudley House Intersession Ski Trip又要來了! 整整三天三夜的活動,絕對值回票價!
下禮拜二開始sign up,因為"極端熱門",所以請有興趣的朋友備妥sign-up sheet跟fee,於早上九點到Dudley House三樓排隊唷!
2009 Dudley House Intersession Ski Trips

What: Dudley's annual Intersession Ski Trip! This year we are running two independent trips to Sugarloaf. In order to maximize the number of Dudley House members who can go on a trip, you may only sign up for 1 trip.

When: The first trip will leave on Wednesday, January 21st, and return to Harvard Square after a full day of skiing on Saturday, January 24th. The second trip will leave on Saturday, January 24th, and return on Tuesday, January 27th. Each trip includes 3 nights of lodging and 3 days of skiing.

How much: $325 base price includes 3 nights lodging, lift ticket for 3 days skiing, 3 dinners, 3 breakfasts, 3 90-minute lessons, and transportation via deluxe motorcoach!

Where: We will be staying at the Sugarloaf condos. Our condo includes a common room and indoor pool. We will be a short walk or shuttle ride away from the slopes, as well as several restaurants and pubs. Additionally, we will have free access to the sports and fitness center, which has hot tubs and saunas.

Who: Dudley House members ($325 base price), each of whom may bring one guest ($350 base price). Complete beginner to advanced, skiers and snowboarders are all welcome! Lessons available.

How: Sign-up begins Tuesday, December 9th. Bring a $175 deposit (cash or check) and the appropriate sign-up sheet (Trip 1, Jan. 21-24, or Trip 2, Jan. 24-27) filled out beforehand and one per participant, to the House Office on the third floor of Dudley House. This trip sells out fast, so come on Tuesday to reserve your spot!

Why: This is an amazing chance to ski the largest ski area in Maine for a fraction of the normal price. Take a break after finals and hit the slopes! If you have never skied before, this is a great opportunity to learn.

For all the pricing details, see the sign-up sheet (Trip 1, Jan. 21-24, or Trip 2, Jan. 24-27).

Sign-up Procedure:

Please sign up in the House Office (3rd Floor of Dudley House) in person with Harvard ID, sign-up sheet and waiver, filled out beforehand, and $175 deposit (cash or check).

This outing is restricted to Dudley House members (all GSAS students and Dudley affiliated undergraduates), each of whom may bring one guest. Students from other schools are Dudley House members only if they live in the GSAS residence halls and are on the Dudley meal plan.

Attention DMS students: Due to the popularity of the ski trip, you are unable to sign up via telephone (as you can for most outings). If you wish to sign up for the trip, you must follow the procedure for all other GSAS students (see above).

E-mail Tina at tinalin@fas with any questions.

Friday, November 28, 2008

2008 Dudley Winter Waltz

Saturday, December 6th, 2008
8:30-9:30 dance lesson, 9:30-12:30 dance
Dudley House Dining Hall

Once a year Dudley transforms itself into a winter wonderland and bathes itself in barely recognizable graduate students spinning and swirling away to the live ecstasy of the Dudley House Orchestra. It soaks them in champagne and cider, and sprinkles on some chocolate covered strawberries, cakes, and shrimp cocktail. A delightfully dizzy night for all!

Come dance, mingle, and relax at the Winter Waltz. 8:30-9:30 pick up some moves at the free waltz class, 9:30-12:30 dance to live music, or sit back and enjoy. Black tie optional (and encouraged). Tickets on sale Monday November 24 at the Dudley House Office (3rd floor Lehman Hall), $15 in advance, $20 at the door, provided there are any left. Open to Dudley House members and their guests. Age ID for alcohol. Questions? Email us at

Year-End Party

因為前一陣子幹部們都很忙碌,所以並沒有趕在感恩節前為大家舉辦聚餐。不過別擔心!今年的Year-end Party舉辦時間是12月6日星期六晚上6:30,於Peabody Terrace Common Room (Building 25)希望大家踴躍參加! (Peabody Terrace, MA)
會員免費,非會員$5。為了方便我們訂餐,請於下星期一(12/1) 之前,RSVP(email

When: December 6, 6:30 pm
Where: Peabody Terrace Common Room (Building 25)
How much: FREE for members! $5 otherwise!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Video Game Live! 難得的電玩饗宴!

這星期五晚上,Video Game Live將巡迴到Boston表演(暑假時也有到台灣表演喔!),各位電玩愛好者可別錯過! 想聽現場交響樂配合雷射,投影幕等各項演出的經典電玩音樂嗎? 想和各位電玩開發界的巨星們見面嗎? 這將是個難忘的回憶! 演奏會之前還有cosplay等電玩慶典喔!
我這邊有一兩張Balcony最前排的票,原價$65,在此特價$50! 現在好座位的票已經一票難求,希望有興趣的朋友能儘早跟我聯絡(最好是星期五中午之前),我在哈佛Cambridge主校區,email address:

When: Nov. 21, 8pm (festival starts at 7pm)
Where: Wang Theatre (Citi Performing Arts Center, 270 Tremont Street, Boston)
How much: $50 (discounted from $65)

Video Game Live


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

與監察委員葛永光喝下午茶--談台灣的司法 監察 以及政治發展

各位在波士頓的留學生以及朋友們大家好!台大政治系葛永光教授(現任監察委員)將於感恩節前夕來訪。MIT 同學會誠摯邀請大家一同享受愉快的下午茶,並與葛永光委員談談您對台灣政治發展以及最近一些重大司法案件的看法。

時間:08 年11 月26 日 3~4:30 PM
地點:MIT Room 5-217
MIT 校園地圖:

請搭乘地鐵紅線至Kendall/MIT 站後 按照地圖 步行至Room 5-217 (in Building 5, second floor)
搭乘地鐵紅線至Central SQ 站後 轉搭CT1 or CT2 公車至MIT stop (77 Massachusetts Avenue) 抵達MIT 校園主要入口(Building 7) 然後按照地圖 步行至Room 5-217 (in Building 5, second floor)

PS: 當天將有finale 蛋糕以及咖啡、熱巧克力等飲料免費供應,歡迎大家踴躍參加!

主辦單位: 麻省理工學院中華民國同學會 (MIT ROCSA)
協辦單位: 波士頓學院台灣同學會 (BCTSA)、波士頓大學台灣同學會 (BUTSA)、新英格蘭學聯 (FTSANE)、哈佛大學中華民國同學會 (HROCC)、哈佛大學台灣同學會 (HTSA) (以上按英文字母順序排列)
贊助單位:台北駐波士頓經濟文化辦事處 文化組 (Cultural Division of TECO Boston)

台灣大學政治系 葛永光教授
最高學歷: 美國威斯康辛大學政治學博士
專長: 政治學、比較政治、比較憲法與制度、政黨與選舉
中華民國現任監察委員 (任期:97.08.01~103.07.31)
外交部NGO 委員會諮詢委員

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chicago The Musical

幾個星期之前同學會有做音樂劇之旅的調查,意見相當一致:Chicago,但是回覆的同學並不多,所以同學會方面並不會親自主辦。不過別擔心!後來我持續向Dudley House outing fellow提供建議,所以:

December 9, 7:00 pm at Colonial Theatre
"This triumphant hit musical is the recipient of six Tony Awards®, two Olivier Awards, a Grammy® and thousands of standing ovations. If you’re looking for your first Broadway musical Chicago has everything you could want: knockout dancing, an edge-of-your-seat story and one showstopper after another." -NYTimes. Tickets are $28 (discounted from $44) and are for sale in the Dudley House Office starting Monday, November 17th. Each Dudley House member may bring one guest. Limited to 45. Contact Rachel Pepper (rpepper@fas) for more information

明天就開始賣票了,希望想去的朋友們明天可以儘早去Dudley House三樓的辦公室購買,熱門的音樂劇票也會相當搶手的!一張28元。因為Dudley House member各可以買兩張(我自己就要買兩張),所以不便來Cambridge主校區或是非Dudley House member(GSAS的同學都是)的同學可以請在這邊的朋友代為購買。

Sunday, November 9, 2008

紐英崙中華專業人員協會第三十一屆年會~不凡的人生 真實的故事~向無名英雄致敬

紐英崙中華專業人員協會第三十一屆年會 11/15/2008

Jefferson Physical Laboratory, Harvard University
(17 Oxford street, Cambridge, MA 02138)

~不凡的人生 真實的故事~

紐英崙中華專業人員協會將於十一月十五日假哈佛大學Jefferson Hall舉行第三十一屆年會, 今年大會的主題是 “不凡的人生, 真實的故事-向無名英雄致敬” 由享譽全球的神探李昌鈺博士將擔任大會貴賓. 應邀演講的嘉賓有台大醫院急診室奮不顧身照顧SARS病患的李建璋醫師和蔡居霖醫師, 他們在第一線冒著生命危險, 盡忠職守, 充分發揮救人為己志的醫師天責. 享譽中外名將孫立人功業彪炳的戰績早已經家喻戶曉, 但是他為了救助無依無靠五個小兵的長者風範卻鮮為人知, 他的養子揭鈞教授將遠從加拿大來和大家分享義父義子之情懷. 從一個事業有成的企業家到家財散盡, 妻離子散, 把一生的時間精力和財力奉獻在金三角, 這位向毒品挑戰, 不畏不懼的鍾儱徽執行長, 將與大家分享他在毒梟,游擊隊,政府軍和鴉片田裡2920天的心路歷程. 神祕的U-2 偵察機在冷戰期間為CIA到蘇俄和大陸收集原子彈的情報, 中華民國空軍在蔣經國主導下, 選派優秀飛行軍官擔任出生入死的機密任務. 葉常棣被中共飛彈擊落勞改19年後, 被當人球般流落到美國. 他可歌可泣的心酸史, 將在本會中第一次披露. 當時擔任黑貓中隊大隊長的楊世駒先生, 為了營救兩位被俘的葉常棣和張立義, 充分發揮人溺己溺的同胞愛, 楊世駒也將和大家分享這一段被埋沒的歷史.


8:30-9:30 報到

9:30-10:00 開幕式:
會 長-王世輝醫師

10:00-11:00 SARS臨床醫師之體驗-蔡居霖醫師,
主持人: 李小玉醫師:

11:00-12:30 Sharing My Life Experience李昌鈺博士
主持人: 譚嘉陵博士


主持人: 李西成教授

14:30-15:30 抗日名將 故孫立人將軍和小兵的故事-揭鈞教授
主持人: 滕永源教授

15:30-15:45 休息

15:45-16:45衣冠塚外的我 (一位黑貓中隊飛行員的自白)-葉常棣先生
主持人: 沈立威先生

16:45-17:45 從黑貓中隊講起 (U-2和CIA的祕聞)-楊世駒先生
主持人: 沈宗李先生

Online registration 線上註冊

Name (Chinese):
Name (English):
Email address (for confirmation):
Contact (cell) phone number:

Parking information and directions to Jefferson Hall

*Parking garage at 52 Oxford Street: $5 per day
A permit is required. You need to purchase the permit online:

Department :Harvard Real Estate-Resident
Department code: 9012

52 Oxford St garage has 75 spots and you can only purchase a permit within 2 weeks of the date of our event. The permits get sold out quickly so you are encouraged to buy the permits on 11/1.
Street parking is good for 2 hours only.

*Jefferson Hall (Jefferson Physical Laboratory)
From parking garage:
Turn left onto Oxford Street and pass “University Museum” on your left. You will see a modern building with a lot of glasses on your right
McKay Laboratory of applied science. Turn right and go through the throughway.

From Harvard Yard:
Pass the left side of Science Center (it is your left when you are facing the building) and then pass the Music Building.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

轉錄: 闕又上先生演講@MIT

感謝新英格蘭學聯的第一波宣傳,也感謝BU、BC 及各校台灣同學會以及TECO
的贊助。MIT 中華民國同學會再次誠摯邀請大家參加本次演講。

時間:08 年11 月8 日 4~6 PM
地點:MIT Room 4-149 (地圖指示如下圖)
PS: 當天將有免費咖啡、熱巧克力等飲料供應,來參加的人更有機會獲得「明日

闕先生超過十倍的工作量,他仍願意撥出寶貴的時間從紐約前來Boston 跟大家

修幾門課都來得重要。11 月8 日,我在MIT 同學會有一場講座,希望同學如

主辦單位:MIT 中華民國同學會(MIT ROCSA)、新英格蘭學聯(FTSANE)
贊助單位:台北駐波士頓台北經濟文化辦事處 (TECO in Boston)
時間:08 年11 月8 日 4~6 PM
地點:MIT Room 4-149
MIT 校園地圖:

請搭乘地鐵紅線至Kendall/MIT 站後 按照地圖 步行至Room 4-149 (in
Building 4, first floor)
搭乘地鐵紅線至Central SQ 站後 轉搭CT1 or CT2 公車至MIT stop (77
Massachusetts Avenue) 抵達MIT 校園主要入口(Building 7) 然後按照地圖 步
行至Room 4-149 (in Building 4, first floor)

1. 求職和生涯規劃中可以參考的觀念及態度
2. 整體財務規劃是什麽,重要性爲何
3. 預防醫學的重要性(幾個可以讓你活得更健康的知識分享)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


When: 十月二十五日星期六晚上八點
Where: John Hancock Hall (180 Berkeley St., Boston, MA, 02116)
How much: 免費!(感謝中華表演藝術基金會推廣)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween !!! Salem Treasure Hunt

Halloween !!! Salem Treasure Hunt

10/31是一年一度的Halloween!! Boston的同學千萬不能錯過BUTSA舉辦的Salem冒險之旅!!
好玩的Salem Treasure Hunt !! 期待大家一起來參加喔!

時間:10/25 (Sat) 10 AM在指定地點集合 
i. BU central church (right next to the T-Station)
ii. MGH T-station

RSVP ( Not required, but recommended )

Oct.23th午夜前Email至 並附上參加人數及方便前往的指定集合地點. 會員免費,非會員$3,當天於集合地點收火車票錢.火車票 $10.5 /人 自由選擇參觀博物館套票$20/人 另計

Treasure(Picture) Hunt (小天使將會親切帶領同學認識Salem)
Free Coffee after Treasure Hunt

Treasure(Picture) Hunt 獎品
主辦單位: BU台灣同學會
波士頓大學台灣同學會 敬啟

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


哈佛大學教育研究所(Graduate School of Education)


Educational Neuroscience Lab
Larsen Hall 303
14 Appian Way
Cambridge, MA 02138

研究時間; 2008年10月21號起

參與者一人參與時間; 兩小時半


研究方法; 利用腦電圖(EEG;

研究員; 張介英 Vincent Chieh-ying Chang

phone: 857-919-3903




Oral Communication Workshops

Oral Communication Workshops

Need a safe space to practice your English?

Want productive and critical feedback?
Want to improve your presentation skills?

Introductory session: Thursday October 16th, 2008. 12-1pm
Dudley House – Private Dining Room

The workshops will meet every Thursday, at 12 - 1 in the Phillips Brooks House Room 307 following the introductory meeting. They are all free, and you are welcome to invite friends. Please bring your lunch!

Dr. Stuart DeLorme is excited to meet with visiting scholars for a highly interactive time ofimproving oral communication skills and, if there is interest, investigating the English Bibletogether. Everyone is welcome regardless of level of conversational English or spiritual/philosophical background! Much emphasis will be put on YOUR oral presentations as well as sharing our life journeys with one another.

Dr. DeLorme, has a Masters of Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, a Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently Minister to Internationals at historic Park Street Church, Boston.

Please e-mail lliang@fas with questions or for more information.

Monday, October 6, 2008


想要體驗老美的地攤,跳蚤市場,小遊戲,美食路邊攤,各種露天表演,遊行,熱熱鬧鬧一整天嗎? 這個星期日從中午到晚上六點,Harvard Square附近的大巷小巷都會封起來,人潮洶湧,音樂,叫賣,超歡樂的唷! 請有興趣的朋友千萬別錯過~
想買三塊錢的Harvard T-shirt,十塊錢的Harvard Sweatshirt嗎? 好康的東西哪裡買到到啊~? 請來Harvard Square Oktoberfest!
Harvard Square Oktoberfest 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

Reminder: 國慶升旗典禮暨民間遊藝展演

When: 十月四日(星期六)早上十點半
Where: Boston City Hall Plaza
How much: FREE



滿面秋楓:賞楓目的地為Franconia Notch State Park,為White Mountains中較受歡迎之景點,另外附上賞楓情報,預報顯示十月十二號當天目的地一帶之楓葉將呈現迷人之深紅色。

一路順楓:十月十二號星期日早上八點由South Station出發,八點半抵達Alewife Station,各位可由此兩地點,選擇自己方便的上車,預計抵達目的地為十點卅分。





地點A:Kenmore Station出口旁的麥當勞

地點B:Harvard Sq Station往Mass Ave出口旁的au bon pain
Allison:310-940-1010 (地點A)
Alan:940-595-1339 (地點A)
Sage:857-891-9971 (地點A)
Zach:857-869-1769 (地點B)
Johnny:617-818-6421 (地點B)
名額有限,時間倉促,First come first serve。


Monday, September 29, 2008


距離哈佛(Harvard Yard)走路五分鐘
(Oxford Street at Sacramento Street)
月租$725 帶完整家具 含網路 押金一個月
電費另計 10月11號後起租
房間位於二樓 環境清幽寧靜 通風採光絕佳
意者速恰Katherine at:
Or 857 928 7208

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Reminder: 新英格蘭地區聯合中秋烤肉

When? 九月二十六(星期五)晚間六點到十點
Where? 70 Pacific St,Cambridge,MA 02139(MIT Sidney Pacific Multipurpose room)
How much? 一人收費十五塊

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


好消息! Monty Python's Spamalot 跟 Chicago 這兩部經典音樂劇將在今年秋天與大家相見!
Monty Python's Spamalot:Nov 18 - 23
Chicago Dec 9 - 14
在這邊同學會希望做個意見調查,打算嘗試擇一舉辦音樂劇之旅,請想要參加的朋友們在九月二十八號前寄信到 提供建議,寫明姓名,電話,email address,希望參加哪一齣音樂劇,想要那一天去,哪一天不行去,同學會將依照這些資訊斟酌舉辦。音樂劇之旅人數目前衡量是20人,如果成行將訂購Balcony的座位,相關價錢請到Broadway Across America網站查詢。


十月又要到了,台灣駐波士頓經濟文化辦事處將於十月四日(星期六)早上十點半舉辦國慶升旗典禮暨民間遊藝展演,地點在Boston City Hall Plaza,希望大家踴躍參加!

Dear friends,
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston (TECO Boston) is going to hold an event on October 4 (Saturday) from 10:30am at Boston City Hall Plaza to celebrate our national day. Please come together to join this annual event!
HROCC Yang-Ting


Hi 大家好,

天氣漸漸轉涼,現在正是去採購冬衣的好時機。HROCC & HTSA 準備在10/5 星期天帶大家到
Wrentham Village Outlet Mall 逛逛

時間:10/5 星期日 早上10點集合出發,下午4點離開。(交通時間來回各約五十分鐘)
費用:會員15, 非會員 20
這次我們打算包一台遊覽車出發,報名人數有限,有興趣的同學請在9/28 星期天之前跟Renee聯絡(姓名、電話、參加人數)。(email

Hi Everyone,

Whether or not you have enough clothing for the winter, it's a good idea to check out Wrentham Village outlet mall. HROCC & HTSA is reserving a bus to take everyone there on Sunday, October 5th.

Time: Sunday, October 5th, leave Harvard at 10 am and depart from Wrentham at 4 pm. (It takes about 50 minutes to get there.)
Cost: Member 15 per person, Non-member 20
RSVP by Sep 28, (email When you RSVP, please tell me your name, phone number and number of attendance.

Yang Ting Chien, Renee Sher

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


MIT Moon Festival Dinner & Game Night will be held on 9/19, 6-9 PM

Please RSVP at:
If the above link does not work, please email for RSVP

Time: 9/19, 6-9 PM
Place: Ashdown House community room (Hulsizer Room)
Fee: $5 (ROCSA member with RSVP)
$10 (non-member / at door)
More information:

See you then~

新英格蘭地區 熱呼呼中秋烤肉晚會

每逢佳節倍思親,中秋怎能不烤肉,各位在新英格蘭地區的鄉親父老兄弟姊妹,身為一個堂堂正正的台灣人,又到了月圓人團圓的中秋節,大家說應該要做什麼? 當然不是路跑(又不是人壽公司),但是這次你不再需要為了邀請親朋好友來煩心,更不需要為了準備食材而忙碌,今年請讓新英格蘭台灣同學聯合會(FTSANE)來為各位帶來我們精心籌辦的新英格地區中秋烤肉晚會。

明月幾時有: 九月二十六(星期五)晚間六點到十點。

明月何處尋: 70 Pacific St,Cambridge,MA 02139(MIT Sidney Pacific Multipurpose room)位於MIT校園中一寬闊之庭院,同時擁有室內及室外場地,以及專屬之廚房,About 10 Mins walk from Central Station。

何以邀明月: 一人收費十五塊,優先預約(RSVP)者可於當日領取本會將在十月中舉辦賞楓活動之八折優惠卷,預約者請來信 信中請註明報名人數,中英文姓名,所屬學校或單位以及聯絡電話,報名截止日期為 九月21號(星期日) 晚上12點。優先報名->賞楓八折,提早擁有期待->無價。

月光映盤樽: 當日會場將備有豐盛之餐點及飲料,現場將有工作人員為各位來賓烤肉,一顆愉快的心,僅為各位當天所需要的。

人行月相隨: 當晚活動結束後,新英格蘭台灣同學聯合會將贈送各位來賓一人一個小月餅,希望各位來賓雖在異鄉但依然能有在家鄉過節的感覺,並相約於十月賞楓再見。

千里共嬋娟: 特別感謝以下各校同學會之協辦(以下排列以英文字母順序)
波士頓學院台灣同學會 BC TSA
布蘭黛思大學台灣同學會 Brandeis TSA
波士頓大學台灣同學會(研究所部) BU TSA
波士頓大學台灣同學會(大學部) BU TASA
克拉克大學台灣同學會 Clark TSA
艾默森大學台灣同學會 Emerson TSA
哈佛大學中華民國同學會 HROCC
哈佛大學台灣同學會 HTSA
新英格蘭音樂院台灣同學會 NEC TSA
麻省理工學院台灣同學會 ROCSA
塔夫茲大學台灣同學會 Tufts TSA
麻州州大羅威爾分校台灣同學會 UMASS Boston TSA
麻州州大波士頓分校台灣同學會 UMASS Lowell TSA

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reminder: Welcome Party (+ Mid Altumn Festival) tonight

Dear all,
Feel free to come to our annual welcome party tonight!
When? 6pm
Where? Dudley House 2F (near Harvard Square)
How much? $5 each for dinner
We will serve delicious food, moon cakes and drink. Also, new students are encouraged to come to introduce yourselves to our community~
See you tonight!
HROCC Yang-Ting

Sunday, September 7, 2008



中秋迎新晚會將在這個星期六(9/13)晚上六點 Dudley House
*地點如有更動,將另發email 通知

於9/11以前寄給周宏杰 (。


台灣公務員2008年哈佛大學菁英班 9/8 ~ 9/26 日在 Kennedy School 有三週的實習。其中
9/10(三)中午12:30-2:00將在哈佛大學甘迺迪政府學院Littauer Center的Malkin

簡揚庭 & 佘孟儒 敬上

Hi Everyone,

Moon festival & new student welcome party is this Saturday (Sep. 13) at Dudley
House Common Room (Second Floor*).There will be dinner, drinks and moon cakes.
All are welcome.If you are planning to join the club, the club fee is $ 10
(including fee for this event), family price $ 15, or dinner only $5.

For new students, we are preparing a new student introduction. Please help us by
sending an email including your name, department, a photo, and a little more
info (undergrad education, interest, etc) to Danny Chou by Sep 11. Email add:

*The location is subject to change. We will send out another email if that

Yang Ting Chien, Renee Sher

%%% Additional Announcement %%%

There will be a special forum "Economic and Trade Relations Across the Taiwan
Strait - Zooming in President Ma's Agenda" organized by Kennedy School at 12:30
on Wednesday, Sep. 10. For more information, please see the attachment and the
announcement on the web


  九月十三日星期六晚上六點,在Dudley House二樓將舉辦一年一度的迎新併中秋晚會!希望大家踴躍參加!趕快在行事曆上定下此活動!新生們不來不行喔!

Many thanks to all the people who joined the shopping tour yesterday!


Dear all,
Thank you very much to join the shopping tour yesterday. Here I would like to thank all the drivers who spent their time with us all day long. I hope that incoming students can understand their efforts and care on you. When the winter approaches, we will hold another shopping tour to fight the cold. Please join us at that time again!
HROCC Yang-Ting

Monday, September 1, 2008

Boston Taiwan Connection Organization Invites You 溫馨聚集/提早過中秋

Boston Taiwan Connection Organization
Invites You

明月皓靄無關乎月餅有無 / 友誼彌堅不在於相識長短
期待與特別的你, 在特別的地方, 分享特別的節日

時間: 09-06-2008 (Saturday); 1:00-4:00 pm
地點: Culture Center of TECO in Boston (華僑文教服務中心)/Newton Highlands MA
費用: 免費
活動內容: 歡迎新朋友; 生活資訊及經驗的交流;分享來自故鄉的茶點美食
RSVP to , 為了統計人數, 麻煩儘早回覆.
主辦: Boston Taiwan Connection Organization; 如果你還不認識我們, 歡迎參觀BTCCO
Culture Center of TECO in Boston
90 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands, Ma 02461
Take T: D line (green), take off at Newton Highlands. You will easily find Lincoln St, and go straight down west.






首映及放映地點為哈佛大學電影資料館,地址:Carpenter Center, 24 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138。放映時程如下:
7:00 pm 青梅竹馬
3:00 pm 一一
7:00 pm 多桑
7:00 pm 海灘的一天
7:00 pm 恐怖份子
9:00 pm 獨立時代
7:00 pm牯嶺街少年殺人事件
3:00 pm 光陰的故事
7:00 pm 太平天國
9:15 pm 麻將
購票、電影長度及介紹請查網站 電話:617-495-4700

Reminder for the shopping tour on Sep. 6.


出發時間:9/6 星期六早上十點
地點:哈佛燕京圖書館後停車場(2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138)



Friday, August 22, 2008

Why buy new when you can buy gently used?

FAS Green Tip of the Month
The annual Stuff Sale is here!

Need books or a few things for the house?

Shop Harvard? Annual Stuff Sale
Goods include books, clothes, furniture, appliances, etc. Why buy new
when you can buy gently used?

Proceeds support Harvard? Habitat for Humanity program- last year
over $92,000 was raised!

Sat & Sun Aug 23-24 9 - 3 pm
Sat & Sun Aug 30-31 9 - 3 pm
Sat ??Wed Sept 6-10 9 - 3 pm
Sat & Sun Sept 13-14 9 - 3 pm

Science Center Lawn

Early Birds
If you'd like to do some early bird shopping at Habitat's warehouse
and see 20,000 square feet of furniture and dorm supplies, please
contact Irina Perjar: iperjar@fas

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

轉寄: Arrival Shopping

Hi 大家好,
暑假就快要過去了。同學會打算在9/6 星期六早上舉辦Arrival Shopping,帶新生去Gateway shopping center (Everett, MA)採購。舊生當然也歡迎參加,不過看車子的數量多寡,以新生優先。我們需要幾個有車的同學幫忙carpool帶大家過去,同學會同時會租小貨車搬運東西。我們將對參加的同學每人酌收五塊錢(司機除外),以支付油錢以及小貨車租金。希望能夠幫忙開車的同學能夠email給我,也希望想參加的新舊生在8/30以前跟我聯絡。謝謝。

集合時間:9/6 星期六早上十點
地點:哈佛燕京圖書館後停車場(2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138)
費用:每人 $ 5
請於8/30 以前email 給 Renee (

Dear members of HTSA and HROCC
It's toward the end of the summer vacation. The HTSA and HROCC are hosting
arrival shopping on Saturday, September 6th. New students and old students are
all welcome. Depending on the number of cars available, we will give the new
students the priority to get a ride to Gateway shopping center, Everett, MA. A
U-Haul truck will be there to pick up bigger items. Therefore, we will charge 5
dollars per person, except the drivers, to cover the gas and U-Haul rental. We
need volunteers with cars to help out. Please contact Renee by August 30th if
you can be a driver or if you want a ride to go shopping. Thanks!

Time: 10:00 am, September 6th.
Location: the parking behind Yenching library (2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138)
$ 5 per person
Email Renee at by Aug 30th


Renee Sher 佘孟儒

Shopping Tour for the Incoming Students!

一年一度的新生大採購又要來了!今年的採購活動,HROCC與HTSA將於9月6日星期六統籌透過HTSC(會長是Renee)合辦,地點是Gateway shopping center (Everett, MA)。那邊有Target, Costco, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond等商店,大家在行前也可以上網去搜尋一下。:)
在此叮嚀一下,Costco只收Debit Card(比如銀行的提款卡,即刷即從銀行帳戶扣款)、American Express信用卡與現金,不收VISA或MasterCard信用卡。所以還沒有American Express信用卡的新生在出發前一天,請確認支票存款帳戶內有足夠的現金。
為了便於統一統計人數,請有興趣的朋友於8月31日前寄信給 Renee (報名,附上以下資料:
1. Name:
2. Email:
3. Address to deliver your stuff:
4. Number of attendee(s):
5. Need a ride: Y or N
6. Offer a ride: N or Number of seats available
7. Cell phone number if available:

When? 9月6日上午10點
Meet at Where? 哈佛燕京圖書館後停車場(2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138)
How much? 每人現場繳交$5。駕駛免費,油費同學會將補助!感恩募集中~




Dear friends,
Annual shopping tour is coming again! This year, HROCC and HTSA will hold the event together through the organization of HTSC. We welcome all the people who are interested!

When? Sep. 6 (Sat.), 10am
Meet at Where? Harvard Yenching library parking lot
(2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138)
How much? $5 each, drivers free to join! We will support you with the gas fee!
Where to Go? Gateway shopping center (Everett, MA) There we have Target, Costco, Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.

Please register before Aug. 31 by emailing Renee ( with the information below:

1. Name:
2. Email:
3. Address to deliver your stuff:
4. Number of attendee(s):
5. Need a ride: Y or N
6. Offer a ride: N or Number of seats available
7. Cell phone number if available:

Best wishes,
HROCC Yang-Ting

Friday, May 30, 2008


Hello, everyone,

五月五慶端午活動來了!! 為提供出國在外莘莘學子們家鄉的好味道
BUTSA特別代請四川小館 提供同學們於端午節當天 在BU, MIT, Harvard三個據點領取香噴噴的粽子 數量有限, 欲購從速!!
購買的同學麻煩盡量準備好零錢並於6/1(日) 午夜前將中英文名字,電話, 訂購數量及領取地點(A,B, or

Thursday, May 29, 2008

新生座談會, June 21, Saturday


1. 時 間:2008年6月21日(星期六) 1:30 – 4:30PM
2. 地 點:亞成大樓B3 (台北市行忠路2號B3)
3. 主辦單位:
Harvard Taiwanese Student Association (哈佛大學台灣同學會)
Harvard Republic of China Club (哈佛大學中華民國同學會)
4. 贊助單位:
Harvard Club of Republic of China (中華民國哈佛大學校友會)

新生請填寫以下基本資料並回信到 Fax: 02 2751 5416,以便同學會建立新生通訊錄。


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Joint graduation party, 2008, May 23, Friday

Dear all,
Don't forget to come to our annual graduation party! Let's celebrate our friends' graduation and wish them good luck in the future~
When: May23, 6:30 pm (Not 7:00 pm as announced before!)
Where: MIT(70 Pacific Street, Cambridge, MA 02139)
How much: 0 for all HROCC members and friends!
See you tomorrow!
HROCC Yang-Ting
活動又來了~! 5/23星期五下午六點半,HROCC將於MIT(70 Pacific Street, Cambridge, MA
02139)與HTSA,MIT,BU和新英格蘭學生聯會等會共同合辦一年一度的送舊晚會! 晚會當天有精采的表演和美味的餐點,希望大家踴躍參加!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Reminder: 2008 送舊晚會,May 23 (Friday)

活動又來了~! 5/23星期五下午六點半,HROCC將於MIT(70 Pacific Street, Cambridge, MA 02139)與HTSA,MIT,BU和新英格蘭學生聯會等會共同合辦一年一度的送舊晚會! 晚會當天有精采的表演和美味的餐點,希望大家踴躍參加! 為了估計人數,請還未報名且有興趣參加的朋友盡快寫信到同學會信箱喔!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2008 送舊晚會,May 23 (Friday)

又到了學期結束鳳凰花開的時期了!(雖然哈佛沒有鳳凰花啦) 許多學長姐今年即將畢業,進入人生的下一個階段。本會預定於五月二十三日(May 23)晚上,於MIT(70 Pacific Street, Cambridge, MA 02139)與HTSA,MIT,BU和新英格蘭學生聯會等會共同合辦一年一度的送舊晚會,給予畢業生祝福與鼓勵。晚會將有表演及餐點,希望大家踴躍參加!詳細資訊將會在同學會網站上更新。
HROCC 簡揚庭 敬邀

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Harvard Taiwan (ROC) Student club

上星期我曾經發信通知有關Harvard Taiwan (ROC) Student club的相關消息,有鑒於英文通知似乎無法清楚表達意思,造成部分會員質疑,我在這兒以中文再重述一次。
地點:Common Room
2 Divinity Ave


Monday, April 7, 2008


北美華文作家協會紐英倫分會 哈佛中國文化工作坊

歡迎北美華文作家協會紐約分會 領團來訪


開場致歡迎辭﹕ 王德威 《小說中國》 《跨世紀風華》等作者

主持﹕ 張 鳳 《一頭栽進哈佛》 《哈佛心影錄》等作者

3﹕00-﹕5﹕00 主講引言與公開討論﹕
趙淑俠﹕ 著有《我們的歌》 《賽金花》等
趙淑敏﹕ 著有《松花江的浪》 《心海的迴航》等
孟 絲﹕著有《漫游滄桑》 《生日宴》等
趙俊邁: 著有《被剝了鱗的蒼龍》 《媒體實務》等

胡為美 (舊金山哈佛訪問) : 著有《做一個快快樂樂的人》 《婚姻傳奇》等
周春塘(華梵大學哈佛訪問) : 著有《生活的智慧》 《耶穌密卷》等
張美蘭(清華大學哈佛訪問) : 著有《禪宗語言研究概論》 《祖堂集語法研究》等
張志強(南京大學哈佛訪問) : 著有《20世纪中国的出版硏究》 《面壁齋研書錄》等

時間﹕2008年 4月19日(週6)﹐3:00-5:00
Room 18 , 2 Divinity Ave. Cambridge 02138

召集﹕王德威 簡揚庭 侯智元 張 鳳(781-237-4680)
鄭 洪 木令耆 王 正 軍 王 申 培 鄭 達
王 宏 辰 黃 綠 唐微 黃镜明 韓 拱 辰
協辦: 哈佛台灣同學會



詩詞大師 加拿大皇家學會院士


主 講﹕


主持﹕王德威 《小說中國》《跨世紀風華》等作者
張 鳳 《一頭栽進哈佛》 《哈佛心影錄》等作者

時間﹕2008年 5月10日(週6) ﹐上午10:30-12:00

Common Room , 2 Divinity Ave. Cambridge 02138

召集﹕王德威 鄭 洪 張 鳳(781-237-4680) 等

赞助: 哈佛中國文化工作坊 CCK-IUC基金會


Sunday, March 2, 2008

轉錄:Taiwan’s Presidential Elections: Implications for Cross-Strait Relations

我國駐美代表吳釗燮博士將於3月13日星期四中午假波士頓聯邦法院大樓演講(詳情如下),主題為總統大選與兩岸關係,機會難得,敦請 貴校台灣同學,向主辦單位報名參加,學生免收報名費(報名時請註明學生,並副知本組).
波士頓文化組 敬邀
You are cordially invited to attend the following speech on Thursday, March 13.

Taiwan’s Presidential Elections: Implications for Cross-Strait Relations
Dr. Jaushieh Joseph Wu, Taiwan Representative to the United States

John Joseph Moakley United States Courthouse*
Jury Assembly Room
1 Courthouse Way, Boston
Event: 12:15 p.m. - 1:45 p.m.

RSVP no later than Tuesday, March 11, by calling 617-542-8995x112 or email
Members and students free; non-members $20
*Due to security restrictions, no cell phones or other electronic devices are permitted inside the Moakley U.S. Courthouse. In addition, please bring two valid IDs (including one photo ID).

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Asia Business Conference 2008 - March 8, 9

The Asia Business Conference aims to foster meaningful discussion on policies and trends that dominate the business and legal institutions of modern Asia. The conference organizes a series of keynote speeches, plenary sessions, topical panels, and social events featuring distinguished leaders from industry, government, and academia who have intimate experience with Asia. This year's theme is "Asia: Reshaping the world". The conference will focus on the economic, political and social impact that Asia has on its neighbors in the world, and vice versa.

Feature Speakers:
Ø Dr. Li Shan, founding partner, San Shan Limited, former CEO of Bank of China International
Ø John Joyce, Managing Director and Chairman of Silver Lake Asia
Ø Mr. Henry Liu, Managing Director of HankPacific Group, former Director-General at the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC)
Ø Mr. Kelly Crabb, Partner of Morrison & Foerster, LLP, international counsel for the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad
Ø Mr. Alain Fontaine, CEO of Newcom Group
Ø And more…

Ø Entrepreneurship
Ø Building a Career in Asia
Ø Venture Capital/Private Equity
Ø IPOs in Asia
Ø Macroeconomic Trend
Ø Internet/Media
Ø Healthcare
Ø Financial Services
Ø Mergers and Acquisitions
Ø Corporate Social Responsibility
Ø Tech/Telecommunications
Ø Environment/Energy
Ø Capital Markets

Social Events:
Ø Small group lunch with speakers
Ø Career fair and resume collection
Ø Charles hotel cocktail
Ø Charles hotel banquet dinner with speakers

Want to tap into the world’s hottest economic center? Plan to do business in Asia? Come join ASIA BUSINESS CONFERENCE 2008 to learn more!

Register Now:

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thanks for attending the Chinese New Year Party Yesterday

Dear friends,
I really hope that you all had a good time and felt at home yesterday. Thank you very much for attending, and it was our pleasure to hold the party for you. Special thanks to Prof. Wang and Mr. Chang from TECD for coming and encouraging future harmony in Taiwanese society at Harvard. Some photos are posted on the HROCC homepage.
Best wishes,

Friday, February 8, 2008

Chinese New Year Party

Dear friends,
Just a reminder of the Chinese New Year Party tomorrow:
Where: Conant Hall, 1F lounge (36 Oxford Street, Cambridge)
when: 6:00pm
What: Chinese New Year Feast and Snacks

Come for food and people!
Best wishes,

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

轉錄:[CCEF@BU] The Chinese New Year party

Dear Friends....

New friends and old friends to join us to celebrate the Chinese New

The Chinese New Year Party

Time: 2/8/Friday/6:30 p.m.
Location: Ruggles Baptist Church
(874 Beacon St. Boston, MA 02215)


Saturday, February 2, 2008


The new BABA tournament is going to begin on Sun, Feb 17.

Same as last year, everyone from the top 3 teams receives a nice trophy. (10 ppl/roster, able to purchase extra trophies if necessary)
1st Place: Aprox 2.7 feet
2nd place: Aprox 1.7 feet
3rd place: Aprox 1 foot

deadline Feb 5th.
Right now there are 5 teams who have signed up.

Change of price and prizes:
The Registration fee will be 160 dollars/team.
The top 3 teams will receive 1 trophy/team, and 10 medals (numbers can be added upon request).
There will also be an MVP trophy.

Hope to see you on the court!



Dear All:
Happy Holiday^^!

Usher in the New Year with style! Come celebrate the Year of the Rat at the Sheraton Commander, with gorgeous gowns, suits and ties, cultural performances and catered food.

18+ to enter
21+ to drink

ALL PROFITS will be donated to HEIFER INTERNATIONAL to support impoverished villages in Asia.

Tickets will be on sale Feb 4 - Feb 8 at the GSU Link:
1-200 are $15
201-350 are $20

Hosted By:
BU Chinese Students Association
BU Hong Kong Students Association
BU Asian Student Union
BU Taiwanese American Students Association
BU Thai Students Association

Special Thanks to:
BU Vietnamese Students Association
BU Lamda Phi Epsilon

時間:2月9號 晚上10:00- 2月10號早上1:00
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chinese New Year Party

新年到新年到!Harvard Republic of China Club(HROCC) 和 Harvard Taiwanese Student Association(HTSA) 將於下星期六,二月九日,晚上六點聯合舉辦一年一度的新年晚會,為大家帶來年節的溫暖!晚會將在文理學院宿舍Conant Hall(Oxford Street跟Everett Street交叉口) 一樓交誼廳舉辦,希望大家踴躍參加!

Dear all,
Next Saturday (2/9) at 6pm, HTSA and HROCC will be holding a potluck in celebration of Chinese New Year in the lounge of GSAS dorm Conant Hall. We will be serving hot pot , Taiwanese dishes, and also other forms of entertainment for your enjoyment. We look forward to seeing you all there!
Jack Hou
Yang-Ting Chien

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

HROCC winter ski trip, Jan. 12, 2008, YES!

I am glad that everybody had a really good time in Wachusett Mountain!
Thank all of you who participated the trip and shared life experiences with others. It is always the purpose of the student organization that creates chances for people to meet and thus stimulates all kinds of possibilities.
I hope that a continous care can bring understandings and belongings to you. :)
PS: Click on SLIDESHOW to connect to HROCC Picasa web album for pictures~
Best wishes to all of you,
Yang Ting

Going Home Video~

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Taiwanese Career Fair -- Resume deadline approaching!!

Below is an excellent event for job opportunities!
Thank MIT Taiwanese Career Fair Committee very much :)

2008 MIT Taiwanese Career Fair
Resume Deadline: 1/18 (Next Friday!)

Hi all,

One week left to submit your resume for the 2008 Taiwanese Career Fair
(Feb. 4-5)!

* Are you looking for internships/full time interview opportunities?
* Are you interested in career opportunities in Taiwan?
* Would you like to enjoy a sushi banquet social on Feb. 4th for free!?

Submit your resume, NOW!!

Participating organizations:
Delta Electronics, Lee Chang Yung Chemical Industry Corporation (LCY),
MediaTek, Taishin Financial Holdings and HiRecruit Services, Ministry of
Economic Affairs (representing SpringSoft, Inc., Hong Tai Electric
Industrial Co., Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Transmint Precision
Industry Co., Faraday Technology Co., Universal Scientific Industrial
Co., and Winbond Electronics Co.).

Services (代表思源科技、宏泰電工、鴻海精密、川銘精密、智原科技、環隆電
氣、華邦電子) 。

2008 MIT Taiwanese Career Fair Committee

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

HROCC winter ski trip, Jan. 12, a reminder

Dear friends,
The weather forecast for Jan. 12, up to now, seems that it will be a beautiful day! Hoping that everyone is excited to go skiing. :)
Here I would like to give you some suggestions before the trip. In my opinion, a pair of waterproof gloves is quite essential, and a waterproof coat and pants are both helpful. These kinds of things are quite personal and you may not be able to rent them there. The rental equipments include skis, snowboards, poles, shoes, and helmets(not included in the basic rental package). For other things, for example, goggles to prevent wind and sunshine, are only suggested. The train from Porter Square will depart at 8:45 am, arriving Fitchburg at 10:06 am, and then connected by a free 20-min shuttle bus. So, it will be almost 10:30 am or later when we arrive there, and we will leave at about 4:00 pm, totally 5-6 hours of play. Since the train will be the only one on that day for us to go there, please be there at least 10 minutes earlier. I will be at Porter Square at about 8:00 am. The round-tour commuter rail ticket costs $15.5.
Another important thing is, in order to get the tickets quickly, I would like to ask for your cooperation. Please prepare CASH before hand so that I can collect it and buy the tickets as soon as we arrive there. If you are a beginner and are not confident with learning on your own, I suggest that you join the beginners' package, $74, including equip rental and lower mountain lift ticket. For those who want to ski without taking a lesson(as I did the first time), the equip rental fee is $32(the same for snowboard and ski), and lower mountain lift ticket is $35. ($49 for all areas.) So totally the cost is either $74, or $67, or 81. Please have an idea how you would like to do on that day.
There are some restaurants there, and we will be back to Porter Square at 7:00 pm. If you want to save time for fun, you can bring your own food.
I think that's basically all things need to be considered. :)
See you on Saturday!


台新金控誠摯邀請您加入我們的菁英團隊。本公司將於1月開始針對即將畢業的研究生們舉辦一系列精英招募活動 (MA Program – Management Associate Program & CBA Program – Corporate Banking Associate Program),有意願回台灣發展的同學,請參考以下資料並至台新招募網站刊登履歷,我們將主動與您聯絡。若有任何疑問,也歡迎隨時詢問。

Embrace Globalization and Take on Extreme Challenges—A New Era of Leadership
To maintain competitiveness and react to changes in the marketplace, Taishin continues to offer unparalleled services and produces to customers that demand high quality financial experience. We are looking for the would-be leaders who are career-minded and born to be bankers to join us, centered, together with Taishin Holdings, at the global banking arena.
Taishin Holdings—where talent goes
Talent is one of the most important assets that makes Taishin Holdings an everlasting success. The MA program is designed by extraordinary individuals who have tracked record of seeking excellence in their fields of expertise. It not only nurtures future leaders of Taishin, but also enhances the company’s competitiveness.
We invite you to explore the best one career track at Taishin that guarantee a bright future.
* Taishin MA Program—turning the brightest today into leaders of tomorrow
Taishin Management Associate (MA) Program is an accelerated management track that cultivates Taishin’s future leaders by nurturing the young and brightest through stringent selection process and talent development plans. We are hiring high potential graduates of top universities from home and abroad to join the 24-month program. While in this program, associates are offered trainings and exposed to opportunities in the following areas
* Practical financial and banking knowledge
* Competencies development
* Job rotations and apprentice assignments
* Project planning and execution
* Participations in high-level executive meetings

Apart from trainings, each associate is assigned a mentor, usually an executive, who gives professional and personal advice on various topics. The intensive and rigorous program would make you become an exceptional banker.
Candidate profiles…
We are looking for young talent a master’s degree, preferably in the filed of finance, business, statistics, financial engineering, or economics. We welcome candidates who possess the following qualities and competencies to join us. Working experience is not limited.

* Strong sense of integrity, commitment, innovation, and collaboration
* Logical thinking and creative problem solving skills
* Enthusiastic, aggressive, and self-motivated
* Good communication and interpersonal skills

Recruiting Information:
Deadline for Application: Now ~ April 30, 2008
Interview and Information Session Locations:
【Taiwan ROC】February 2008 ~ April 2008
National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, National Cheng Kung University, National Sun Yat-Sen University
National Central University, National Taipei University
【United States】February 3~5, February 29~March 2, 2008
February 3, Boston
February 4~5, Boston: MIT Career Fair
February 29, San Diego: UCIBC Career Fair
March 1~2, San Diego

Detailed schedule on campus visits is being arranged. All confirmed itinerary is published on-line and available at the corporate Website
On Board: July 1, 2008

Intensive training sessions are held at one to three months of employment in Taipei.
Apply now…
Interested candidates are encouraged to apply on-line at or
send your CV to with subject title “Taishin MA program”.
Please contact us at if you have further questions.

Taishin Holdings welcomes you to be part of our team.

Sunday, January 6, 2008


自1996年起, 鴻海每年年初進行科技新秀招募, 培育國
教育及製造基地現廠實習3-6個月, 未來培養成為鴻海



登錄履歷 (選擇2008新幹班)。

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

轉錄:Chinese New Year Spectacular Show

When: 7:30pm, Thursday,January 10, 2008

2:00pm, Friday, January 11,2008

Where: The Opera House (near Macy,downtown crossing)

539 Washington St.,Boston,MA.02108

Price: $38, $65, $88,$120(50% discount for students only)

Please call :617-848-2996

Thank you very much.

Wendy(Feng Jie)